the most successful British artist you’ve never heard of

Reviews for Steven Wilson‘s recently released album To The Bone (charted in the UK at No 3).

Resolutely independent… the most successful British artist you’ve never heard of” The Telegraph
A near perfect balance… flash & flamboyant with lovingly crafted big tunesMojo 4*
An inimitable rabbit-hole of psychedeliaPlanet Rock, 5*
Lush and ambitious… insistently melodicUncut
Wonderfully executed… pop brillianceQ 4*
A fervent and meticulous tribute to the very notion of the song itself… Steven Wilson is consciously rehabilitating an approach to pop music that, let’s face it, is long overdue a widespread revival. And, as with everything else, he does it better than mostProg (album of the month)
To The Bone features squalls of furious guitars and occasional shifting time signatures… it’s artful, sophisticated pop-rock, channelling the favourites of his youth: Talk Talk’s The Colour of Spring, Peter Gabriel’s So, and Tears For Fears’ Sowing The Seeds of LoveThe Guardian
His best and most complete solo album yetClassic Rock 4*

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