Still Cooking

Lamb recently released their seventh album The Secret Of Letting Go. People loved it…

“Lamb at their very best” Electronic Sound
“Minimal electronica (and) a Morricone-esque epic in the disorientating time signature 7/8 show they are an effective highbrow dance floor act” Uncut 7/10
“Blessed… dynamic… Andy Barlow and Lou Rhodes seem to have used the sun to light up the darker corners of human interaction” Q 4*
“Impressive… sparkling and soaring… redolent of John Barry’s Bond work” Classic Pop
“The Secret of Letting Go effectively becomes the gateway for a new generation of listeners to discover this unappreciated duo” XS Noise 8/10
“The Secret of Letting Go” sees Lamb fully-evolved and content, allowing them to just be their best selves” Soundblab 8/10
“Sophisticated without being too excessive… recalling the majesty of earlier classics such as “Górecki” and “Heaven’” AllMusic
“Regal” Long Live Vinyl 7/10
“Twenty two years after their soul-destroying debut, Lamb are still cooking” Mixmag 8/10

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